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My name is Brian Gorr, and I am a Senior Client Executive for over 12 years here (and 5 before that at another large VAR). We each manage our own books of business here, and me both living and working here in Plainfield I just have a very personal and sincere desire to both share business with and also support this community that I love.

In a crowded field of IT providers, ITsavvy is an industry leader because of our technical expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to the client experience. Our goal is to nurture long-erm relationships through innovative solutions and personalized service. We prioritize relationships over transactions because relationships provide the most business value to our clients.

We are a nationally-recognized leader in IT solutions and managed services.

Industry organizations consistently rank ITsavvy as one of the most innovative and client-focused providers in the nation. We're honored to be among the top technology integrators, solution providers, and IT consultants in North America.

ITsavvy's next-gen mindset puts our clients at the cutting edge of IT. We've developed a strong ecosystem of best-of-breed partners and subject matter experts to provide strategic common-sense IT that gives our clients peace of mind. When you need trusted advice from certified IT professionals, choose ITsavvy.

Senior Client Executive Brian Gorr is a long time Plainfield resident and involved in the community, working from home here in Plainfield now as well. Let's connect!


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Ryder Cup - Medinah CC - Addison, IL
Ryder Cup - Medinah CC - Addison, IL