Bike Bald Group


Non Profit

About Us

Bike Bald is committed to enriching the lives of children affected by cancer, rare illnesses and additional support needed. Our unique organization operates as the local community center. We invite community to participate in the many programs that we have to offer. Our center s open to the public Various programs for children, adults, seniors, & families are offered to enjoy. Programs offered to children with cancer include both art & yoga therapy, home economics, cosplay, music therapy, and one on one therapy sessions. Families receive free life developing & healing skills to assist with their children's health condition. Tutoring is a large part of their everyday program. Many children miss a number of school days while in treatment programs and meet-us for Downs patients and more.

Bike Bald Group is 100% operated by volunteers. We rely solely on the support of the community & businesses for the support in the success of the mission. The organization holds many various fundraising events throughout the year., We also have a large Jeep group that assists with granting wishes, parades, rides to/from the hospital.

Bike Bald Group's mission is to change the lives of children & the community by raising awareness, collaboration, empowering while focusing priority on community,, cause & support.